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5 Tips for easy washing and drying

Washing and drying can seem like an alchemy for a layman or a complete beginner. How to sort the laundry correctly, should I wash at high or low temperature, how to make sure that my favorite sweater doesn’t shrink? Which detergent to choose, how to turn on the machine without instructions and a few hours spent on the internet by searching “how to...?”.

We bring simple 5 tips for “how to…”

  1. Sort out your laundry into piles (black / dark colored and lightcolored / white) – we have baskets ready for you.
  2. Make sure that you always insert laundry into the machine that can be washed at the selected temperature.
    You will find this information on a clothes label. Follow the maximum recommended temperature and laundering process. Speed Queen washing machine can also wash delicates and laundry defined as hand wash with professional care.
  3. Professional laundry detergent, fabric softener and disinfection on a natural basis are automatically dispensed directly by the washing machine and are included in the price.We save your time and costs. And above all imagine the convenience that you do not have to run around with washing powder and think into which compartment to pour it.
  1. Select program (standard to wash on high-speed, gentle or hand wash) and temperature according to the labels on your laundry – insert Czech coins or tokens, and press START.
  2. And now you have approximately 40 minutes free.

We think that tip number 5 is the most pleasant. However, there was still something missing.
Therefore, in addition we are offering free WiFi. A great coffee vending machine will be placed here in the future, for now we can offer you a pleasant company of other students, tourists and newcomers. They will gladly tell you about their experiences from trips and other great stories.

And do not forget you can dry your laundry at Speed Queen too – it takes only about 15 minutes.

You see, it is really easy, however, if you after all still have questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

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