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We chose washers and dryers from Speed Queen company. For self-service or even a public laundry people everywhere use the English title laundry, laundromat or launderette.


Dryer Speed Queen ST050

Capacity 21 kg

Recommended drying time: 20 – 30 minutes


Dryer Speed Queen SUT030

Capacity 2x14 kg

Recommended drying time: 20 – 30 minutes


Washer Speed Queen NF3

Capacity 10 kg

Washing time 30 – 35 minutes

Max. spin 440G-factor


Washer Speed Queen SY180

Capacity 18 kg

Washing time 40 – 50 minutes

Max. spin 400G-factor

Wash up to 76 kg of laundry at once

If you are planning a washday before Christmas, Easter or have returned from holidays, you can wash in several washing machines at the same time. Wash and dry up to an incredible 76 kg of laundry in less than one hour (there are 4 small and 2 large washing machine and 4 small and 1 large dryer).

Washing is easy, professional and a lot cheaper than the drycleaner's. In addition, you will spend a pleasant hour using the free WIFI, reading, relaxing or you can run your other errands.

Our washing machines and dryers are equipped with large-capacity stainless drums. This enables you to wash up to 18 kg of laundry in one washing machine. You can also wash large household textile items (curtains, covers, pillows, blankets, sleeping bags etc.), which don't usually fit in household washing machines.

Professional detergent and fabric softener are dosed automatically and are included in the price. There is no need to bring any laundry detergent. Disinfectant on natural base keeps the washing machines clean and ready for use.