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Second Speed Queen self-service laundry in Prague

Here we go! After several months of preparation, on Saturday, December 3, 2016, we are opening our second Speed Queen self-service laundry in Prague.

You can find the second Speed Queen self-services laundry in a newly renovated space on Plzenska 2562/166, Prague 5, close to Klamovka tram stop.

Our laundry at "Plzenska" is slightly bigger. Our customers can use six washing machines for the self-service laundry. There are two large capacity washing machines, each intended for up to 18 kg of laundry. Four smaller washing machines can handle, each, up to 10 kg of dirty laundry. Drying is possible in five dryers.

We have created a playing area for your children, which we believe parents and kids will appreciate. Our self-service laundry is not only fast but also comfortable thanks to the coffee or a great hot chocolate you can get from our coffee machine in the laundry.

Whilst waiting for your clean and dry laundry, you can also use free WIFI here.

Self-service laundry in our laundry is really easy but even so, there are clear instruction manuals on how to use the washing machines and dryers, available also in English. During the initial weeks, after the opening, there will be a qualified staff available to help you with your washing and drying. If there is no staff present and you are not sure how to handle with the washing or drying, or how to use the coffee machine or the money changing machine, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email. We will explain everything to you so that you leave our laundry satisfied with clean and fragrant linen.

Professional detergent and fabric softener are dosed automatically and are included in the price. Natural disinfectant keeps the washing machines clean and ready for use. Since we know that sometimes you prefer to use your own detergent or fabric softener or wash without a fabric softener, we have arranged for you the option to turn off the automatic dosing of our detergent and fabric softener on our smaller washing machines. Instruction panel on how to turn it off is placed directly on the washing machines.

Christmas is coming and it's time to give back! So we also have a little gift for all our customers - drying for free until December 11, 2016.

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